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Skagway Alaska Official Tourism Site: Join us in celebrating our Gold Rush past as we begin our second century, being the gateway to the Klondike. Spend some time in our historical city, visit the surrounding wilderness areas or take in some of our events! is a service provided by McPhee Publications, home of the Alaskan Southeaster Magazine (The Alaskan Southeaster Magazine is a regional publication, serving the interest of those living in Southeast Alaska. We aim to provide a means of communication between the people of Southeast, share their experiences and interests, and, most importantly, to provide entertainment through spectacular photographs and carefully chosen words).and The Coastal Alaska Visitor Guide. (The Coastal Alaska Visitor Guide is the newest addition to the McPhee family. It is the Official Coastal Alaska guide, providing visitors with comprehensive information on where to go, what to do, and how to get to the many magnificent areas of our region).

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